Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot Flashes Anyone?

Are you losing sleep because of Hot Flashes or Night Sweats? I have been hearing a lot about this these days. Sleep is one of your most important ways to heal and recover. So if you are losing sleep please pay attention and don't take this lightly.

Biofeedback reduces or eliminates the intensity of your symptoms, often in just minutes.

Biofeedback is the new way to spell relief from menopausal symptoms. If you are between the ages of 40 and 58 menopause is either approaching or already staking a claim in your life.

Will you do what many women do and resign yourself to suffering through this troublesome time? Or would you rather approach menopause with a proven healing tool at your fingertips so you can minimize those hot flashes, night sweats, chills and other debilitating symptoms?

Menopausal relief is likely for 80% of women. It doesn't have to be all downhill from here.

The Whole Body Healing Center offers biofeedback sessions that can help bring you back to a realistic level. These sessions are only $45.00. Don't waste another day wishing you could do something for this horrible symptom.

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Patricia Blankenship,ocds said...

I have been having fewer hot flashes and sleeping better after six weekly visits for biofeedback with Dr. Shawn to address heart health issues. Also, my energy is better and the symptoms I had from a black spider bite on my neck disappeared in less than 36 hours after a biofeedback treatment.