Thursday, November 13, 2008

Take the 21 Day Detox Challenge

Its that time of year again. We are all getting ready to be bombarded with a lot of unhealthy foods mostly in the form of sugary treats. During this time of year, the holiday season, it unavoidable. We are all going to try many different foods. Its OK, enjoy yourself. But get ready to detoxify your system once the season is over.

At the Whole Body Healing Center, every January, we are promoting our 21 day detox program. Detoxifying your body is a must. In today's world, we are over exposed to so many contaminants. It is harder and harder for our bodies to keep up with all of this junk. The filtration systems are blocked, just as the lint filter in your dryer gets blocked.

The 21 Day Detox program is a raw food based diet that comes complete with 6 detoxifying supplements and an instruction booklet. The instruction booklet gives you recipes and other helpful tips to detoxify your body for ultimate results. Detoxifying your body is like changing the oil in your car. In order to keep your car healthy, that is one of the things we must do.

Step up to the Challenge. You will be happy you did.

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