Thursday, March 5, 2009

Spring Cleaning 7 Day Detox

April is a good time for a spring cleaning.  No, I am not talking about cleaning your house.  I am talking about cleaning up YOU!!!  It is time to start taking care of yourself.  Nobody else will do it for you.  Health is your most important asset.  Wouldn't you agree?  Its time to bless your body with a spring cleaning or a mini tune-up.

Everybody needs a spring cleaning, even you do.  Detoxing the body is important.  This 7 day cleanse will help rejuvenate you and give you the energy that you have lost over the years.  You may even lose a few pounds.  If you have never done a detox program and don't think you have the discipline to do a full 21 day cleanse, then you maybe you have enough in you for this modified 7 day program.

Email or call me for more details.  The time has never been better for you to put your health in your hands.

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