Monday, February 22, 2010

Testimonial Time

I have been getting great feedback from several clients this year. I just heard from Bruce. He called me to let me know that his cholesterol is normal for the first time in 2 years. He gives thanks to the detox diet and the nutritional program he is now following. At the beginning of February, I had a husband and wife team come in to see me for their follow up visit. Prior to them coming to see me, both of them were on high cholesterol medication, high blood pressure medication and diabetes medication. They both thought that taking the medication wasn't making them any healthier. They asked me to help them gain control of their lives and their health. They are both in their mid 50's. After following a 28 day detox program, they reported back that their cholesterol was normal, blood sugar levels were normal, his blood pressure was normal. She still was having difficulties with her blood pressure, so I recommended her to stay on it until she can get it under control. All in all, they are both feeling much better. Not to mention, they both lost 13 lbs each. She mentioned she is wearing clothes she hasn't wore in years. AMEN!!!

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