Thursday, July 29, 2010


We at the WBHC are becoming huge fans of Raw Milk. You will have to find a dairy farmer to get access to Raw Milk, but you can find one almost everywhere. Its worth the time and energy to get your self some delicious raw milk. Raw milk has so many more benefits than you will get from pasteurized milk. Raw milk doesn't contain all the hormones that you will find in pasteurized milk. Also people that are lactose intolerant, may not have a problem with raw milk. People with dairy allergies also may be able to handle raw milk. It is true that milk may not be for everybody, but most of the rules we have been told about milk are not the same with raw milk. Let me give you an example, i have been telling people for 12 years that if you have asthma, that milk isn't good for them and probably feeds the asthma. Raw milk can help cure people from asthma. Thats totally different than what i have been told for my 12 years of being a naturopth. But for the most part i have been speaking against pasteruized milk. You should find a dairy farmer in your area and go check out the operation before you become a customer. RAW MILK, ITS HOT!!!

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