Monday, September 13, 2010

Gluten Intolerance and Sensitivities

Last week on my radio show, I had Dr. Thomas O'bryan. We discussed gluten and all the problems related to gluten. What I learned during the radio show is very interesting. Gluten is a GMO (genetically modified food) and everybody on some level is sensitive to gluten. Most people think gluten intolerance is only digestive, but it can be much much more. ie headaches, arthritic pains, thyroid issues, digestive issues, depression and many more. Most all processed food today is made with gluten and since it is a GMO, the body doesn't even recognize what you are feeding it. I have many clients that come in with all sort of symptoms that are never diagnosed. They search and search for answers but nothing comes on their blood test. They are eventually told they have a mental problem and are recommended a presciption of some kind for depression. Some of these cased can be a simple case of gluten intolerance. I learned on the radio show that most testing for gluten is for celiacs disease only and often time can't find other the less intolerances than celiacs disease. Celiacs disease is a more severe case and there is a blood test for that disease. Often times gluten sensitivities go undiagnosed because of insufficient blood test.

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