Thursday, July 17, 2008

Protect yourself from Cell Phone Radiation

More and more information is coming out on the negative effects from cell phone radiation.  There are many studies out there that suggest that cell phones cause brain tumors and brain cancer.  I believe that everyone should protect themselves by adding a very inexpensive cell phone chip to their cell phones.  And parents who are letting their teenagers and younger children use cell phones this is an absolute must.  I use a cell phone chip on my cell phone and I have for years.  For more information on the cell phone chip that I use please contact me at the office 972-434-7780.


Gabriella Strebel said...

I grew up in Europe and I can tell you that there are many lawsuits hanging dealing with Cellphone antennas/towers that were put up in areas were people live. Some of the victims declare that the antenna caused them migraines, severe pain and cancer. In the last few years, those strong antennas that cause an immense electrosmog had to be installed in rural areas.

Modesty said...

Well said.