Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you are 18 Years Old, You should have your first Breast Thermography Screening!!!

I am a huge fan of Thermography for breast health.  Conventional medicine doesn't start recommending mammograms until women hit 40 years old and just recently I have heard some insurance companies are allowing it at 35 years of age.  That is too late to start wondering about the health of your breast.  Thermography is an awesome tool that can detect problems 5-7 years before traditional medical testing can find anything.  So if you are a women the ages of 18 or older and you are looking for information on the health of your breast, then you should schedule your first thermography.  Why wait until you are 35 years old to know if you are developing problems?  Thermography can help you detect a problem much earlier and will allow us time to develop a strategy before it becomes a major to where you will need medical attention.

When you are younger than 35,  you would want to have a thermography screening every 3 years for maximum awareness.  If problems are detected, then it could be more often just for monitoring purposes.

  • First Thermography Screening-- 18 years old
  • 2nd screening--21 years old
  • 3rd screening--24 years old
  • 4th screening--27 years old
  • 5th screening--30 years old
So parents, if you are worried about the health of your little girl, please set her up for her 1st thermography screening.  It will at least give you peace of mind.

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