Wednesday, December 10, 2008

FDA Admits Silver Dental Fillings May Not Be Safe

I have been on this bandwagon for 11 years now.  I was raised in a military family, so my mouth was loaded with mercury based fillings.  The first thing I did when I became a Naturopathic Doctor was have all of my amalgams revmoved.  I did it in 4 office visits to the dentist.  The dentist that I like to refer my clients to for this procedure and any other dental issues is Dr. Allen Sprinkle.  His office is in Arlington and he can be reached at 817-461-9998.  Dr. Sprinkle is a Biological Dentist, which means he is a holistic dentist.

If you have amalgam fillings in your mouth, I recommend you have them removed over the next several years.  I want  you to be aware of the dangers of having them in your mouth for a long period of time.

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