Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Memory Works, Mental Energy Boost

Its finally here.  Dr. Kyl Smith's new product, called Memory Works.  This time he has made it into a liquid energy supplement.  This product if full of Vitamin B12 (4,167% RDA), Vitamin B6 (400% RDA) and many other all natural energy boosting ingredients.  It has green tea leaf extract and stevia in this supplement also.  The concept of this product is to provide you with mental energy, mental focus and mental performance.  It comes in a natural berry flavor that taste wonderful.  It comes in a 3oz bottle and it is recommended to take 1/2 after breakfast (10am) and then another 1/2 after lunch maybe 3-4ish in the afternoon.  Dr. Kyl Smith is my most trusted  research expert when it comes to brain health and brain supplements.  I back this product 100%, knowing what Kyl Smith is bringing to the table.  I for one will be taking this product everyday and i will be giving to my daughter before school and her soccer games.  It can never hurt to boost your mental game prior to performance.  I would recommend giving to her 1 hr before start of game.

Each bottle sells for $3.50 and the case of 12 will cost you $42.00
You can purchase here

I put together a little video  on this topic also.

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