Monday, December 12, 2016

Locked on Wellness with Dr. Ozzie and Dr. Shawn

Hey Guys,  I will be hosting a podcast radio show with Dr. Ozzie.  The title of the show is called Locked on Wellness.  Dr. Ozzie and I will be talking about many health topics in short quick shows for you to enjoy.  We are keeping it simple for you.  We want to plant seed for you to start doing your own research on the topics that we are going to discuss.  The othe reason we are keeping the shows short, is so that you don't have to spend all day listening to a podcast.  Right now, we have already recoreded 2 shows for you to enjoy.  Click here to listen to our last episode ... Dr. Ozzie and I are planning on bringing you a weekly episode, so please stay tuned for future episodes.  This weeks episode we will be discussing Dr. Ozzie's favorite topic, chiropractic care.

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