Thursday, December 22, 2016

Rev Up Your Energy!!

Do you find yourself feeling sluggish in the afternoon? Are you struggling to stay alert through the day and are just exhausted? Do you find yourself reaching for endless cups of coffee and energy drinks in the attempt to boost your energy levels?
Here are some tips to bring back your energy and restore the spring to your step;

Get quality sleep.
It is not about what time you go to bed and the time you leave it, rather, the number of hours you sleep. If you spend the better part of the night tossing and turning, you are likely to be exhausted the following day.
During sleep, your body clears adenosine that builds up during the day from our systems. Adenosine is a by-product of cell activity that leads to that “tired” feeling.
Are you having trouble sleeping? You can try some of these tips and see if you will sleep better. 

  • The effects of caffeine can last up to 18 hours, so any caffiene can potentially affect your sleep. 
  • Be consistent in the time you go to bed and wake up. This will help in regulating your internal body clock.
  • If experiencing some kind of stress, stress reduction techniques are very important to help your body undwind.

Drink vegetable juices
Fresh vegetable juices will be easily absorbed and digested due to the absence of fiber. This means that the body works less to reap the amazing nutritional benefits these juices have to offer, leading to an almost instant increase in energy levels.
Drinking fresh vegetable juices will also help in getting rid of toxins, and boost your body’s disease-fighting abilities.
Note, do not use the juices bought from the store, they are usually loaded with sugar and preservatives and will leave you feeling more exhausted.
Look for some interesting vegetable juice recipes and experiment.

Use of herbs
Adaptogenic herbs come in handy when you are feeling fatigued. They include ginseng, holy basil, licorice root, and Rhodiola, and they help balance and restore your body’s natural ability to handle stress. This is done by regulating the adrenal system which controls the way hormones respond to stress.  
Include adaptogenic herbs in your daily routine to continuously feel less exhausted and calmer.

Incorporating regular exercise into your daily routine will help in boosting your energy levels. Sounds ironic, right? You may feel wiped out after a workout, but physical activity helps in sending nutrients and oxygen to your body’s cells, assisting your lungs and heart work more efficiently thus boosting your energy levels.
It is important to remember that you do not have to do intense exercise to reap the benefits, moderate exercises that fit your fitness levels will help you reap great benefits.  I am a big fan of taking a 45 minute walk around your neighborhood.  So don't think it has to be very stressful.

Cut down on carbohydrates
While they are important for providing your body with energy, if carbs are eaten in excess they can make you feel sluggish. This is especially the case with simple carbs, which are digested and absorbed by your body very quickly. They provide instant energy, but the sugar levels crash quickly after the initial spike. To avoid this, eat whole low glycemic carbs, which digest at a much slower rate and do not lead to the spike and crash effect.

Stay hydrated.
One of the initial signs of dehydration is tiredness and exhaustion and could be one of the reasons your energy levels are low. Stay hydrated throughout the day by drinking a minimum of 8 glasses of water, and if you work out or are ill, drink more.

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